Blue Eyed Dream GF

Rest in Peace
Blue Eyed Dream, cremello german warmblood stallion. Photo copyright Lori Harrison.

In Blue Eyed Dream's breeding career he has so far sired over 50 offspring!

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*Competition Highlights*

Dream was ranked #13 for the 2014 Intermediare-1 USDF Horse of the Year award!

2014 Dream was competing at Intermediare-1 scoring as high as 76.184% and I-1 Musical Freestyle scoring as high as 70.005%!.

Blue Eyed Dream is trained and competed by our assistant trainer Charity L. Messer

DE 410 100824702

New Video of Dream attending the Bess Wall Obstacle Clinic


April 2014 Intermediare-1 Musical Freestyle



Blonder Hans Atom Almhirt Tynsky
Komtess Kosmos
Seneta Cavalet Trojsky Cavalet
Soneta Royal David

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Blue Eyed Dream is a 16 hand cremello imported ZFDP ( German Warmblood) stallion. Known for passing on his sweet, loving temperment and great work ethic to his offspring. He also passes on great athelticism, excellent jumping ability and beauitful, expressive movement for dressage.

Blue Eyed Dream's pink skin and blue eyes are characteristics of the cremello color. A cremello has two dilution genes, which lighten the hair, skin, and eyes. Blue Eyed Dream will only pass on one cream gene to his offspring, so he will NOT reproduce pink skin or blue eyed foals when bred to non-dilute mares (chestnuts, bays, blacks).

When bred to a chestnut, he'll produce palominos 100% of the time.
When bred to a bay, the foal could be palomino or buckskin (or rarer smoky black).

As a cremello, he'll always pass on one dilution gene, so color is guaranteed. Note, however, that when bred to a gray mare, the resulting foal could inherit the gray gene and turn gray.

The only way Blue Eyed Dream could produce a double dilute foal (cremello or perlino) would be if he was bred to a mare with a cream gene, and both parents pass that gene to the foal.

He is approved for breeding with the German Oldenburg Verbrand(GOV) and the American Warmblood Registry.

In September of 2015 Blue Eyed Dream GF passed away.

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